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It is never easy to balance the demands of daily life while meeting your personal financial goals. Sometimes, even though you have done everything you possibly can, you may find that you are simply overwhelmed with the personal debts that you have incurred.

Personal Bankruptcy Ottawa can show that there is a solution to your debt issues. If you live in Ottawa or in one the surrounding areas such as Pembroke, Chalk River Petawawa, Eganville, Barry’s Bay, Whitney, Kingston, Gananoque, Beachburg or Cardinal, Personal Bankruptcy Ottawa and the firm of D&A MacLeod Company Ltd. , Trustees in Bankruptcy, offer government regulated financial personal bankruptcy advice. If you are considering filing for personal bankruptcy in Ottawa or surrounding areas, then you must seek the assistance of a personal bankruptcy trustee.

Personal Bankruptcy Ottawa, D&A MacLeod Company Ltd. and the principle trustee Allen MacLeod are governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada. This federal Act governs the rules and regulations for any Canadian who needs to declare personal bankruptcy. As a federally regulated trustee, the trustee firm of D&A MacLeod Company will sit down with you at your FREE CONSULTATION to cover all of the aspects of filing for personal bankruptcy.
The debt resolution process starts with your free in person interview where your individual circumstances are discussed and reviewed. If personal bankruptcy is the right choice for you, or if another option such as a debt repayment plan or consumer proposal to your creditors would work better for you, then you will be provided with an application form to start the formal process. Once the application is prepared and returned to the office at D&A MacLeod Company Ltd., you can then begin to be free of your debts. Once you have assigned into bankruptcy, your creditors must stop calling you, garnishing your wages or seizing your assets.

If you need the peace of mind that will come with financially shedding off insurmountable debt, GET STARTED today at your free consultation.

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